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  1. WoW TBC Best Class TIER LIST, DPS Rankings, Healer Tier Rankings, Tank Rankings, PvP, Guide for World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and.
  2. 1151.78 66.56%. Druid. 1077.81 62.28%. Paladin. 931.55 53.83%. Here you can find the DPS rankings for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. These rankings are based upon in game data recordings from multiple raids provided by archives from wwsscoreboard.com, legacyplayers.com, and other sources and will be updated as official TBC Classic is.
  3. WOW TBC Classic PvE Raids Class Rankings. These rankings are rough estimates based on data from multiple old and new forums, theorycrafting posts, and boss kill videos. Even with all that, it's very likely that they're off by a fair margin. We encourage people to take them as rough guidelines, nothing more
  4. WoW Classic TBC Paladin Ratings: PVE 4.5/5 - PVP 3/5. Priest. Priest ran the show in WoW Classic healing, and they're still quite powerful in TBC

Mit The Burning Crusade wird sich in der klassischen World of Warcraft eine ganze Menge ändern. Klassen, Fraktionen und Völker, die in der Vanilla-Neuauflage dominieren, müssen in der. Shammies are the best healer overall due to heroism, totems, and chain heal, most good raids will have at least 2, maybe 3. They fall short on fights where tank healing is the main concern, but their aoe raid healing is amazing. Pallies are the best tank healers, but they cannot raid heal effectively. They put out high single target hps without much mana issues, and the ability to free themselves from cc with divine protection or to get a tank to 100% with lay on hands is vital.

Healing Wave is the main single-target healing spell. Combine it with Nature's Swiftness in critical situations to save a tank. Healing Wave can also be downranked to Rank 8 for more efficiency. Rank 1 can be used for stacking Healing Way and Ancestral Healing on the tank Welcome to your go-to class picking guide for TBC Classic.I tried to be as thorough as possible here while at the same time keeping the video under four hour..

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  1. shaman takes best healer for raids by far. either paladin or priest takes second but its not super close. warrior tanks are still the most useful but prot paladins got content specific to their toolkit. there are uses for prot paladins in BC. ret also becomes decent dps with gear. oh and druid tanking still a thing, not sure how good it is
  2. Unless oyu have any +healing, the heal is very unimpressive at level 70, in addition to this, the heal has a cast time, which means that while casting it you have a 0% chance to dodge, block and parry, at end game this'll result in you taking more damage than the heal would heal you for
  3. Below is a quick summary of the full rankings that we have detailed on this page. While this gives a good outline of the standings of specializations in comparison to one another, we recommend reading the full rankings to understand why certain specializations are ranked as they are. Priest (S-Tier) Paladin (S-Tier) Shaman (A-Tier) Druid (B-Tier
  4. Whether players want to tank, heal, or deal damage, there is a Burning Crusade class for everyone. Warriors are the kings and queens of tanking in World of Warcraft: Classic, and they will be just as effective in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. For players looking to lead the way for their raid group, Warriors' great damage mitigation makes them a reliable choice. However, Paladins will also become very capable tanks i

Each spell rank has a range in which it is supposed to be used. Greater Heal rank 2, for instance, is learned at level 46 and lasts until level 51 (Rank 3 is learned at level 52). The range for Greater Heal rank2 is thus 46-51. The spell coefficient is given as follows Restoration Shaman is the only healer with an interrupt through Wind Shear, and also has the ability to self-resurrect upon death with Reincarnation. Overall, it is one of the best healer specializations in Mythic+ with competitive damage output and among the highest HPS. The lack of strong external cooldowns can definitely make some fights really tough, however

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  1. Jeder Heiler-Klasse in WoW-Classic hat ihre Besonderheiten. Welche Klasse ist z.B für die Heiler-Rekorde verantwortlich und welche ist eher der Gruppenheiler? Wir klären für euch auf
  2. Welcome to the Holy Priest guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade 2.4.3. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Holy Priest in dungeons and raids. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips. Talents An Improved Divine Spirit build (IDS) is great for single-target healing. Points in Martyrdom can be swapped for Silent Resolve or Absolution a
  3. Alle Klassen von WoW im Ranking - Von unbeliebt bis beliebt Top-Liste. 25. April 2020 12 Min. Benedict Grothaus 7 Kommentare Bookmark. In World of Warcraft gibt es mittlerweile zwölf.
  4. Welcome to the Restoration Druid guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade Classic. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Restoration Druid in dungeons and raids.The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips
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WoW Healer Rankings / Tier List - Shadowlands 9.0.5. Last checked: May 05, 2021. Last updated: May 05, 2021 . Welcome to our World of Warcraft Shadowlands Healer Rankings updated for the latest Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5 and the newest Raid - Castle Nathria. We check this data very often and make sure that it is accurate and up to date. The classes and specs on this page are ranked by their. (WoW - Burning Crusade) hallo ich wollte mal fragen was eurer meinung nach die beste rasse und die beste klasse ist.Danke schon ma im voraus . Frage gestellt am 04. September 2008 um 16:15 von i. M'uru, detailed kill history. Aye, amazing work! Cant wait for the next barrier to be brought down Consistency on real-time combat log reading, damage and healing are always accurate with ranking web sites such as warcraftlogs. Low CPU Consumption . On raid encounters, you may feel a framerate gain on intense fights specially during bloodlust/heroism time. Extra Tools . Programmable Custom Displays: build your own display using the Details! API

Explore an Ever-Evolving World of Adventure. Subscription includes access to World of Warcraft and WoW® Classi Healing Wave can also be downranked to Rank 8 for more efficiency. Rank 1 can be used for stacking Healing Way and Ancestral Healing on the tank. Totems choice will depend on the group you're in, but don't forget to use your unique and improved totems: Mana Tide Totem , Improved Mana Spring and Healing Stream (from Restorative Totems Feral und Healschami sind einfach am vielseitigsten und können jede Rolle (MT/Trashtank, MT-Heal/Grpheal) bestens abdecken. Die genannten DD-Klassen sind aufgrund ihrer Aggroreduces (abgesehen von Fury) und der Fähigkeit sowohl beim Boss als auch beim Trash hohen Schaden zu fahren, meine Topklassen Welcome to our World of Warcraft Shadowlands Healer Rankings updated for the latest Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5 and the newest Raid - Castle Nathria. We check this data very often and make sure that it is accurate and up to date. The classes and specs on this page are ranked by their overall Healing performance in Raids at Max-Level (60). The data is gathered from the most recent public logs of Castle Nathria from WarcraftLogs Welche Klasse ist die beste Heilerklasse in WoW-Classic? In diesem Guide lernt ihr die vielen Facetten der verschiedenen Heiler-Klassen kennen

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A complete searchable and filterable list of all The Burning Crusade Raids in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Always up to date with the latest patch (9.0.5) WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade kommt - Alle Infos zum Addon! World of Warcraft Classic bekommt mit TBC sein erstes Addon. Wir haben alle wichtigen Infos zu Charaktertransfers, Preis, Release. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (abbreviated as TBC or BC) is the first expansion for World of Warcraft. It was announced on 28 October 2005 and released on 16 January 2007 in North America, Europe, and Australia; 2 February 2007 in Korea; 3 April 2007 in Taiwan and Hong Kong; and 6 September 2007 in mainland China. Its main features include an increase of the level cap up to 70, the introduction of the blood elves and the draenei as playable races, and the addition of the world of. The Burning Crusade sought to address this. Specs that were previously unviable were not much stronger, if not in damage or healing output, then it was in their utility. For example, Shadow Priests weren't very popular in Vanilla WoW because they would take up debuff spots in raids but pump out mediocre damage. However, in TBC they got an ability called Vampiric Touch which would restore the party's mana. This resulted in Shadow Priests getting the nickname mana battery and being a. 01. Sep WoW - Burning Crusade: Helikopter; 30. Aug WoW - Burning Crusade: wow; 27. Aug WoW - Burning Crusade: frage; 27. Aug WoW - Burning Crusade: t6 druide; 16. Aug WoW - Burning Crusade: gold.

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By far, the best capital city in WoW Classic is probably the one a lot of players wouldn't suspect: Thunder Bluff. People, this city is amazing. Not only does it have a faux Native American style, summer camp vibes, and a gorgeous skyline, but Thunder Bluff is the most compact and travel-friendly city out there. In the main area, you're just steps away from the inn, the bank, a forge, the auction house, the flight master, and even a pond to go fishing. You'll never be. Burning Crusade was the first-ever expansion in WoW Classic! Burning Crusade brought a whole host of changes and additions to the classic WoW experience when it first launched. Burning Crusade upped the level cap to 70, introduced flying mounts, brought new raids, introduced two new races—Draenei and Blood Elves, brought a brand new continent for players to explore, and added new depth to PvP with new arenas and much more focus To bring about better matchmaking in Burning Crusade Classic, we're updating the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system to use a calculation design developed after original Burning Crusade, with an MMR range that will be similar to the range seen in PvP in 2008. Arena Teams will begin at 0 rating. (Teams began at 1500 in original Burning Crusade. A healing user-interface addon that provides up to 15 customizable buttons next to each party... Download. Install A simple threat meter for WoW Classic. Download. Install Enhanced Raid Frames By Soyier. Enhanced Raid Frames by Soyier. 214K. Gearing: +healing, spell crit, some mana per 5, intellect and stamina. You actually start seeing a bit of gear in this range that has those on plate. Green Of the Physician Of Healing gear may show up on your auction house. Don't be afraid of wearing Shaman healing Mail or Druid healing Leather at this stage. If you have a good tank, you shouldn't be getting hit. As always, be considerate of those classes as they are more limited in the gear they can wear

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Eine vollständig durchsuchbare und filterbare Liste aller The Burning Crusade Zonen in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Immer auf dem dem Stand des neuesten Patches (9.0.5) This page should include only recipes introduced with World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. 1 Alchemy 2 Blacksmithing 3 Enchanting 4 Engineering 5 Jewelcrafting 6 Leatherworking 7 Tailoring 8 References This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate. Elixir of Camouflage Volatile Healing Potion Potion of Petrification Flask of Fortification Flask of the Titans Flask of. Für diejenigen, die noch nicht die Gelegenheit hatten, WoW Classic durchzuspielen, oder die es als eingefleischte Fans von Burning Crusade kaum erwarten können, die Scherbenwelt zu betreten, bieten wir außerdem eine Charakteraufwertung auf Stufe 58 an. Es ist nur eine Charakteraufwertung pro Account verfügbar und sie kann nicht auf den Ära-Realms von Classic oder für die neuen Völker der Blutelfen oder Draenei verwendet werden. Aufgewertete Charaktere erhalten einfache.

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Currently, there are quite a few popular Burning Crusade Private Servers to choose between. We have made an updated and high-quality list of available 2.4.3 TBC servers. Our TBC list includes both newly/old released servers, high/low populated servers, as well as blizzlike and custom servers, and more. You can however filter through our list and add your server preferences (such as population. The Burning Crusade Classic Will Have More Changes Than Original WoW Classic . The next Classic expansion will see pre-nerf bosses make appearances, as well as some tweaks to the Paladin class. By. World of Warcraft AddOns » Addons for WoW Classic » Classic - General » EZDownRank Addon Info. Change Log; Other Files (12) Comments (1) R (25Kb) Download. Updated: 05-03-21 10:48 PM. C (21kB) Download. Updated: 06-22-20 04:01 PM. BC (25kB) Download. Updated: 05-03-21 10:49 PM. Add Favorite. Install Help. Compatibility: The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1) Updated: 05-03-21 10:48 PM: Created.

Avec la sortie de la mise à jour de pré-lancement de Burning Crusade Classic, les joueurs auront un choix à effectuer pour chacun de leur personnage de WoW Classic: progresser vers Burning Crusade avec les autres héros de la Horde et de l'Alliance sur leur royaume, ou continuer à profiter du contenu original de WoW Classic sur les tout nouveaux royaumes « Classic Era » qui ouvriront leurs portes With Classic Burning Crusade on the horizon, many new features, changes, and overhauls are coming to Classic WoW. Here is a look at the major differences between WoW Classic and Burning Crusade, including level cap, new races, new dungeons, new raids, and new profession, and a significant shake-up in the PvE Meta We've recently begun testing WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade in a closed beta environment. This means that some players now have access to the beta, by invitation only. If you'd like to join us in testing WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade, all you need to do is opt-in to become a tester. Players who have opted-in can be selected to be a. WoW Classic bekommt mit The Burning Crusade Raytracing. Während die Spieler in der Nacht darauf warteten, dass die Server online gehen, erstickte Community Manager Josh Allen kurze Zeit später. Seite 2 von 9 - Priester nicht Heiler Nummer 1? - schrieb in Priester (WoW): olala ich werde hier ja richtig fertig gemacht also ichhab nen lvl 70 shadowpriest war aber sehr lange holy/disc und schon vor burning crusade war in meinr gilde (bwl clear) der beste heiler ein schamane.darab hat sich nichts geändert.natürlich kommt keiner an den shadowpriester ran. +leben +mana und zusätzlich 5%.

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Download World of Warcraft addon Incoming Heals for versions 1.13.6 / 9.0.5, Shadowlands, Burning Crusade Classic, 202 WoW Classic PTR New Global Strings - Burning Crusade Transition Default Clone Date posted 2021/03/11 at 5:10 PM by Squishei This WoW Classic PTR build contains many new Global Strings World of Warcraft AddOns » Addons for WoW Classic » The Burning Crusade Classic » SinStats [TBC] Addon Info. Other Files (6) Comments (1) (272Kb) Download . Updated: 04-24-21 11:28 AM. Add Favorite. Install Help. Pictures. File Info. View 8 Screenshots. Compatibility: The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1) Updated: 04-24-21 11:28 AM: Created: 04-03-21 04:10 PM: Downloads: 64: Favorites: 1: MD5. Blizzlike World of Warcraft Private Server based on The Burning Crusade expansion. A community driven server with developers with over 7 years of experience in emulation. The best scripted Burning Crusade realm. We're a group of people who've known eachother for quite a few years now, joined now with the best testers anyone could've wished for. Talking daily, discussing, sharing. WoW Shadowlands: Patchnotes zu Patch 9.1; Diese Woche in World of Warcraft - 5. bis 11. Mai; WoW Shadowlands: Infos zum Event Chor der toten Seelen in Torghast; Burning Crusade Classic erscheint am 1. Juni; Event-Guide für die Kinderwoche 2021; Offizielles World of Warcraft Bewertungs-System für Mythisch+ Dungeon

Detailed history for The Ancient Crusade, EU-Burning Legion: rankings, mythic plus progress, boss kill history, player rotatio WoW Burning Crusade - Crossklassen. Bisher konnte die Klasse Schamane nur auf Hordenseite gespielt werden und die Allianz freute sich über die Paladin-Exklusivität. Im Add-On World of. Die Beta für WoW Burning Crusade Classic ist nun offiziell gestartet. Wer will, kann sich noch immer für diese anmelden. Der Start der Beta ist nun am 23. März 2021 gegen 21:10 Uhr MEZ erfolgt. Wer sich für die Beta von WoW Burning Crusade Classic angemeldet hat, sollte also nun den Battle.net-Launcher prüfen

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  1. Hey everyone. In today's video, we're going to jump right into a TBC Druid Guide. Druids are pretty well rounded in TBC, being quick levelers, doing well in PvE as Restoration, and they're nearly unkillable in World PvP at level 68 when you get flight form. Druids are also top tier in arena and battlegrounds. WoW The Burning Crusade Druid Guide Read More
  2. Il n'y a pas de ensembles d'équipement dans Burning Crusade. Parler de Wowhead. Discord; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube; Flux d'Information
  3. Here's how to get signed up for the WoW Classic TBC beta if you haven't yet.. Release Date. While we have no official info yet on WoW Classic Burning Crusade's release date, leaks point to 18 May.
  4. wow burning crusadecomment devenir riche ? farm gold: 2020-05-15: 2020-05-10: warcraft : classic mais jusqu'À quand ? 2020-05-08: top classes pvp wow burning crusade classic tierlist: 2020-05-0
  5. Fotostrecke: WoW - The Burning Crusade. Draenei. Seit Jahrtausenden wurden die Draenei schon von der brennenden Legion unter der Führung von Kil'jaeden verfolgt. Immer auf der Flucht erforschten.
  6. In Classic WoW, Marks of Honor only stack to 20, but in Burning Crusade, this will increase to 100. Most items purchased through the item vendors range in Mark price from 20 to 40. So, it's a good idea to get a head start on these costs and stack up 20 of each Mark in preparation! As for how Honor is rewarded during Battlegrounds, players receive honor for each Honorable Kill on an enemy, as well as periodical Honor point boosts from Battleground objectives. As for Honor costs, items range.
  7. Fire Elemental Totem. Rank 1. 68: Shaman: Fir
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Spells. Browse. Database Spells Class Skills.. Eine vollständig durchsuchbare und filterbare Liste aller Burning Crusade Dungeon & Schlachtzugs Erfolge in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Need TBC database tooltips on your site? Use our free tooltip script to get tooltips.tooltips

burning crusade. Alchemie der Scherbenwelt. Letzte Aktualisierung: Dienstag, 29. September 2020 [Battle for Azeroth] Alchemie ist nicht was du wolltest? Vielleicht findest du hier was du suchst: CLASSIC Alchemie Alte Welt Alchemie BC Alchemie WotLK Alchemie Cataclysm Alchemie Pandaria Alchemie Draenor Alchemie Legion Alchemie BFA Alchemie SL Alchemie. Allgemeines über Alchemie. Alchemie. Adds an average Damage or Healing number to your Action Bar Buttons that indicates the effectiveness of the skill. These numbers are generated based on your combat log and so your Gear Talents and Skill Ranks are taken into account. Very useful The Crusade has thirteen generals leading the lower ranks: 2,000 troops based in Hearthglen and 10,000 based in Tyr's Hand. The generals were not only chosen by the ranks they had in the war, but also by their dedication to the cause. Few make it very high in the ranks if they do not have a burning fervor to destroy all undead. Veterans who have fought the Scourge before are quickly promoted. Any dissent in the ranks is considered to be caused by undead infiltration, for the Crusade cannot. All in all, the honor system was reworked from scratch, and did not require everyday battlegrounds attendance for maintenance of your rank. In tBC the accents were switched to session plays in arenas and rate farming and only secondarily to BGs (RBGs were not in game for a really long time, and one should remember it), since BGs were not the source of the top items anymore, and the ranks were in the past for quite a while, so even the humble Grunt received by the author in Vanilla was. The Paladin is one of the oldest classes ever mentioned in warcraft universe.The paladins are one of the best class to take in a raid.It is capable of moderate melee damage.It's a the most resistant healer,have many useful buffs for every class and has the best ways to protect the tank,or to protect him because in the burning crusade expansion,the.

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Ein WoW Classic Server für The Burning Crusade soll einem neuen Leak zufolge Anfang Mai 2021 an den Start gehen. Auch ein Termin für den Beginn der Betaphase soll angeblich bereits feststehen Vengeance WoW - Stonetalon Burning Crusade Private Servers. Avg. Pop 0-100 Style Blizzlike Language English Rates x4 (1-59), x1 (60-70). Now, in the pre-patch for WoW Burning Crusade, Blizzard made it much easier to get rank 14 PVP gear for people who have leveled up a fresh alt or use the character boost feature or, for instance, a Paladin who's been running around in a dress for two years healing Burning Crusade raids in a very desperate need of a two-handed weapon. That's why PVP gear will be a very good option for you. WoW Hexenmeister Quelle: buffed Prinzipiell treffen viele Punkte, die wir bereits beim Jäger aufgeführt haben, auch auf den Hexenmeister zu. Zwar kann er keine Wildtiere zähmen

Burning Crusade Mouse-over macros; Tools . Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Topic October 14, 2017 . efksdljg. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member Mouse-over macros I am having issues with mouse over macros for my disc priest for TBC. Anyone have any links or macros they could share? October 19, 2017 . Orcasmus. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member. class dps rankings burning crusade, fevereiro 13, 2021 , 0 comments fevereiro 13, 2021 , 0 comments divide Instead of gear giving direct 1% or 2% bonuses to Hit or Critical Strike Chance, they'll now be giving direct Rating Values, such as Hit Rating, Dodge Rating, or Critical Strike Rating. This is quite a change from Classic WoW. Burning Crusade Classic Stats and Attributes Overvie

Rank 5 Greater Heal (available to all at level 62, or available at level 60 if you've gotten the book drop) heals for 1966 to 2194. With 1000 +healing, you've pushed that to 2966 to 3194. The. The Restoration Shaman is a Ranged Intelligence Healer. 1 Skills 1.1 Riptide [Q] 1.2 Chain Heal [W] 1.3 Healing Stream Totem [E] 1.4 High Tide [R] 1.5 Earth Shield [D] 1.6 Flame Shock [F] 1.7 Hex [G] 2 Essences 2.1 Hoodoo (Rare Essences) 2.2 Tidebringer (Rare Essence) 2.3 Cleansing Waters (Rare Essence) 2.4 Torrent (Epic Essence) 2.5 Tidal Waves (Epic Essence) 2.6 Replenishment (Epic Essence. So with Burning Crusade Classic, both factions will learn the opposite faction's version of the Seal at level 70. Loading. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic and details about the 9.1. The highest rank of these abilities costs 25 training points. Furious Howl. The most useful ability is Furious Howl. Only wolves can train this ability. Every 10 seconds, party members within 15 yards of the wolf get an increased damage on their next attack. At rank 4, this ability increases damage by 45-57 points Swiftmend - 1 Rank - This talented spell allows you to activate Swiftmend, which consumes the heal-over-time effect of a Regrowth or Rejuvenation effect on the target to grant a burst-healing equal to the full duration of the heal- over-time portion of the consumed effect. In other words, if you cast a Rejuvenation or Regrowth on someone, you can let the heal run most of its course and then.

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ElvUI - The Burning Crusade (2.4.3) This is the backported version of ElvUI for World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade (2.4.3) ElvUI is a full UI replacement. It completely replaces the default Blizzard UI at every level with a new and better interface. As such, you'll only ever have to update ElvUI and not worry too much about its individual components. This UI will arrange your interface to. WoW TBC PVP META, PVP Class Tier List And PvP Rankings (World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade 2.4.3) - Mason Ballowe - Best movies, newest music, mp3 converter, youtube downloader, free clip The Burning Crusade (dt. Der Brennende Kreuzzug; Abkürzung: TBC oder BC) ist die erste Erweiterung von World of Warcraft und wurde am 16. Januar 2007 von Blizzard Entertainment veröffentlicht. Laut Angaben des Herstellers wurden am ersten Tag innerhalb von 24 Stunden alle bisherigen Verkaufsrekorde mit einer Gesamtzahl von 2,4 Millionen verkauften Exemplaren übertroffen Spell Crit : 10% (+3) A: Some talents only affect one school of magic on a stat. For example, a Priest has talents that will only increase their holy critical strike. This amount will be shown in parenthesis next to the stat. Please go to the settings (/sinstats) and hover the stat in question

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Level 70 PvP-Schlachtfelder und Arena-Raufereien können in der Burning Crusade Beta getestet werden geposted vor 15 tagen von Squishei Blizzard hat bekannt gegeben, dass Schlachtfelder und Arena-Raufereien abs ofort in der Burning Crusade Beta getestet werden können Das Unternehmen möchte wissen, ob sich die Spieler die Erweiterung Burning Crusade wünschen und wenn ja, wie der Übergang aussehen sollte. WoW - World of Warcraft Fact

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Like WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic is included in a World of Warcraft monthly subscription, which is $15. You won't have to pay anything extra—unless you want to buy a level boost or. WOW-Healer!! World of Warcraft, Raid Healer-Priest, Strategie Boss BC . scoprire World of Warcraft; Vocabolario; Posts Tagged 'BURNING CRUSADE-' un salto dentro WOW!! Posted by: oI on marzo 14, 2008. Categorie. involved; manuale; per i novizi; PRIEST; ADDON-AOE-ASSUEFAZIONE-BoE-BOSS-BURNING CRUSADE-CASTING TIME-CHAT-CLASSE-CURE BLOCCATE-ENCHANT-EQUIP-GEMME-gestire il mana GREATER HEAL.

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World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade Screenshots forSwift Nether Drake - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World ofBurning Crusade Hunter Gameplay Good Quality - YouTubeShadow Priest | Burning Crusade Wiki | FandomEnhancement Shaman | Burning Crusade Wiki | FandomWorld Of Warcraft Priest Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
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